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The vast landscape is dotted with olive trees that have stood the test of time.


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Welcome Messages

With enthusiasm and a very warm welcome, as is customary in Alentejo, I greet you and welcome you to Évora, the location of the Iberian and Mediterranean Chapter meeting of ICCA.

Évora is a history book of Portugal, a reality present in the small details of the city, revealing a human presence dating back to the megalithic era. Because of its rich history, the city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986 and will be the European Capital of Culture in 2027. These are reasons enough for Évora to deserve a closer look, but on top of that, it boasts excellent gastronomy that earns it the title of "Portugal's gastronomic soul."

These attributes have been accompanied, especially in the last decade, by a superior qualification of tourism infrastructure: new cultural and leisure spaces, improved hotel offerings, diversified tourist animation companies, new spaces for events, and meeting rooms capable of accommodating hundreds of participants. In this last chapter of the Meeting Industry, we share the same objective as the Iberian Chapter of ICCA: we want to attract more and better events to Alentejo.

In recent years, Alentejo has collected distinctions and honorable mentions from the vast majority of the international press. However, we still need to be recognized for our appetite and competence in the congress, meeting, and incentive sector. It is a path that we have been traveling safely, with the certainty that we want to establish ourselves as a sustainable destination, taking advantage of the natural conditions that Alentejo already offers. Nonetheless, our region has demonstrated great capacity in organizing congresses that, due to their size and importance, are already a testament that we are capable of many more. Examples include the annual meetings of ITAA, AITO, or Selectair, and in this quarter, Air Canada and United Race.

In the international wedding segment, Alentejo has also been showing its potential, hosting more and more wedding celebrations every year, thanks not only to the venues available but also to the ability to create unique and authentic environments with excellent service that will remain in everyone's memory.

I am sure that for many, this will be the first of many visits to Alentejo; that you will return here to organize congresses and events or simply on family and friends' trips to experience unforgettable moments.

Thank you!
Vítor Silva, President of the Alentejo Tourism Promotion Agency.
Dear friends, As President of ICCA Iberian Chapter, it is my pleasure to invite you to our Annual Meeting which will take place from the 19th to 21st of April 2023 in the beautiful city of Evora, Alentejo.

This year we will celebrate our meeting together with our friends from the Mediterranean Chapter. A great opportunity to network, sharing knowledge and experiences with colleagues from other regions.

Our meeting will be a very special one for me as it will be the last as President after 4 years leading the Iberian Chapter.

The ICCA Iberian Chapter Board is preparing an interesting event, combining the beauties of the destination with an interesting educational program and good experiences and food.

We really hope you will join us to enjoy the event and that you will bring back home a memorable experience and positive takeaways.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover a beautiful region of Portugal and spend a great time.

The ICCA Iberian Executive Committee are looking forward to welcome you all in Evora.

Christoph Tessmar - Iberian Chapter Chairperson
Jorge Vinha - Iberian Chapter Deputy Chair

Dear friends & members,

We are delighted to extend an early welcome and invite all of you to join us in Evora for the 2023 ICCA Mediterranean Chapter Summit.

Following last year successful experience, this year for the first time we will come together with our friends from the Iberian Chapter: it will be a unique opportunity to build connections with our colleagues from Spain and Portugal, share knowledge, best practices and create memorable moments together.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover a beautiful region of Portugal and spend a great time together with the ICCA Family.

The ICCA Iberian Chapter and the Mediterranean Chapter Boards are looking forward to welcome you all in Evora.

Ricardo Pizzuti -Mediterranean Chapter Chairperson
Efi Koudeli - Mediterranean Chapter Deputy Chair