We are very pleased to welcome you to Porto.

Ainhoa Berganza

Co-founder of Inti Training & Coaching

Alexandre Pinto

Technical Director and Founder Partner, JETsj Geotecnia Lda

Brian Allan

CEO of Rock Your Business

Bruna Maccarrone

Chair of the Conference Committee of EMDR Europe Association

Itziar Benguria

Sales Manager Congresses, IFEMA

Jaume Pros

Sepa - Spanish Society of Periodontology- Foundation Deputy Director

Jiranan Khuntong

Membership Development Executive, ICCA Europe

Joaquim Pires

Head of MICE, Turismo De Portugal

Marta Gomes

President, ICCA

Riccardo Pizzuti

Chair, Icca Mediterranean Chapter

Rory Archibald

Founder, New Intent